Monday, October 22, 2007


Pará Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasilienses) Seringueira in Portuguese

Photos by Carlos A. Mascaro
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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Giroscopio, 1986-1987 (by Marco Cortesi Photo Gallery)

Giroscopio, 1986-1987 (by Marco Cortesi Photo Gallery)

Doppia porta, 1979 (Photo by Adhikara)

Disco, 1993-1994 (Photo by Adhikara)

La grande prua, 1993-1994 (Photo by Adhikara)

La freccia, 1993 (by Marco Cortesi Photo Gallery)

Torre a spirale, 1981-1994 (Photo by Adhikara)

Triade, 1979 (Photo by Adhikara)

Asse del movimento, 1983-1987, by Marco Cortesi Photo Gallery

Stelle, (Photo by Adhikara)

You can see more Arnaldo Pomodoro's sculptures on Leaves of Grass

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This beautiful blooming climber shrub is Pyrostegia venusta, commonly known as Flame Vine or Orange Trumpet Creeper. This evergreen shrub is original from Brazil, commonly known as Flor-de-São-João in Portuguese. The best show of Pyrostegia venusta is in June and July. In this time of the year we can see the Flame Vine climbing on trees all around at Enseada Azul. Flor-de-São-João attracts many hummingbirds. With its brilliant orange flowers, the Pyrostegia venusta is ideal for growing over a pergola or a sturdy fence. The higher the support the better, as the flowers can hang down for the best effect. This plant enjoys a frost free climate and a sunny position.
Photos by Sonia A. Mascaro
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