Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This beautiful blooming climber shrub is Pyrostegia venusta, commonly known as Flame Vine or Orange Trumpet Creeper. This evergreen shrub is original from Brazil, commonly known as Flor-de-São-João in Portuguese. The best show of Pyrostegia venusta is in June and July. In this time of the year we can see the Flame Vine climbing on trees all around at Enseada Azul. Flor-de-São-João attracts many hummingbirds. With its brilliant orange flowers, the Pyrostegia venusta is ideal for growing over a pergola or a sturdy fence. The higher the support the better, as the flowers can hang down for the best effect. This plant enjoys a frost free climate and a sunny position.
Photos by Sonia A. Mascaro
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Mike said...

Flame indeed! very beautiful.

Kalyan said...

WoWWW...some beautiful Breath-taking shots...just Marvellous!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Oh my, what a beautiful and interesting plant. I have never seen it before.

The second photo, with the close up shot of the flowers, make it look like long balloons. I would have thought it was a fruit tree.

Very nice photos, Sonia.

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

This is an extraordinary vine. The flowers are striking and so unusual. Do they have an aroma? If so, is it nice?

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Dsole said...

this is just amazing!! what a beauty!!

lovely photos out there, thank you for visiting my blog! boa semana!

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