Monday, July 9, 2007


Fabrizio from the blog Torino Daily Photo invite me to publish more oldies pictures. For now I post those photos, but I intend soon to scanner another old pictures.

My mother Antonietta as a baby with her grandmother Albertina and with her mother Rita (1914)

My mother is seating reading a newspaper with her cousins

My mother was 18 years old at this time

My mother is the first in the row. All these girls are her cousins and were dressed with cossacks fancy for a Carnival Party in São Paulo (1932)

You can see another oldies photos here and here


Annie said...

Cumprimentos a você, Sonia, Obrigado assim muito vindo a meu blog hoje. Eu sou feliz pagar uma visita do retorno a seu blog. Estas fotografias velhas são muito agradáveis de ver - os povos são bonitos demasiado.

Annie em Pouca Rocha

Kate said...

Sonia, these are wonderful family photos, and did so enjoy seeing all of them!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

State I love them and, as said, I'm greedy to see more, I find that your grand-mother (Rita, right?) look like your so beautiful daughter Sofia (seen HERE), does her?

Sonia said...

Sure, Fabrizio! You are very observer, Sofia looks like her great-grandmother Rita! Thanks for your compliments to her and to my grandmother, too!

Eduardo P.L. said...

Bonito album de família. Lindas mulheres, bonitos bigodes!
O blog esta um arraso.


Ruela said...

Boas fotos, gosto muito de fotos antigas.
Parabéns pelo blogue.

Faye Pekas said...

Sonia, you are so lucky to have all these old family photos. They are wonderful. In the first two photos with mother and child, the poses are almost the same. Makes you wonder if it was done that way intentionally.

Peter said...

Amazing photos! You are really lucky to have such archives! (I guess there may be more to come?)

isabella said...

Your mom has a beauty mark like Cindy Crawford...and me ;-)
She seems so full of life in those photos!

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