Saturday, July 21, 2007


The vegetal formation of the Ecological Reserve at Enseada Azul is "cerrado". "Cerrado" is the regional name given to the Brazilian ecosystem which is similar to savannas. "Cerrado" is formed by vegetal formations of variable aspects and physiognomy, mainly of small and twisted trees that become covered to an exuberant creeping plants.

You can see more photos here

Photos by Carlos A. Mascaro

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Eduardo P.L. said...

Sonia, que lugar gostoso para fazer caminhadas. Lindas fotos.


Anonymous said...

Sonia, these are beautiful. I feel as if I am there, walking through the trees and vines, peeking in on a butterfly. Thank you for sharing.

I would dearly love to visit Brazil. Andre Rieu will be there next year and how I wish I could go to see the beautiful country, and take in André's concert.

Kindest Regards,

Peter said...

It really looks inviting for a walk! (I hope it's a nice as it looks!)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You live in an amazing place, Sonia. So varied and interesting...The sea, the beach, the woods....LOVELY---ALL of it!
Hugs to Flora from Sweetie.

Steve G said...

My wife and I would love to visit Brazil. Nice photos.

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